I Am A Scientist: A Video Spark to Encourage STEM Learning

Nov 18, 2013

At The California Endowment, we focus on creating healthier schools, neighborhoods and communities and on raising public awareness that health happens where we live, learn, work and play through our statewide Health Happens Here campaign.  That is why we recognize that healthy schools start with giving our students the tools and training they need to achieve success in the classroom so they are fully prepared for future careers.

We also know that California’s economy in the 21st century is directly linked to the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).  Therefore, we support efforts that encourage our young women and men to study STEM and that inspire them to pursue careers in these important fields.

A new video featuring students from Manual Arts High School in South Los Angeles, called “I Am A Scientist”, is aiming to motivate young people’s interest in STEM education (watch below). The film’s goal is to help students see science and other STEM courses as a pathway to success, rather than a roadblock that stands in the way of graduation day. STEM related business and industry are especially interested in students of color and want to encourage those from challenging socioeconomic backgrounds.

“I Am A Scientist” features real students talking about what they have learned from STEM courses and sharing personal stories of how they became interested in science and how it improves the lives around them. The film highlights how STEM learning opens the door to a wide range of exciting job opportunities, building healthier, and more successful communities. We know that when students hear their peers discuss why they enjoy exploring science or math and how exciting learning can be, that it will spark them to excel in STEM courses and school.

The “I Am A Scientist” video was launched this week during the first annual California STEM Symposium in Sacramento. This event featured speakers such as Sugata Mitra who helped share the message that knowledge is everywhere and learning is for everyone. In the 1990s, Mitra fostered “Hole in the Wall” projects in the poorest parts of Delhi, India that inspired young people’s ingenuity with the very scarcest of available resources. We hope that “I am a Scientist” conveys the same sense that anything is possible to every student in California. 

I am excited to see more young people take part in building not only their future careers, but building healthier schools and communities. By investing in the future of our youth, we’re investing in a better tomorrow for all of us. Health doesn’t just happen in a doctor’s office, it happens in our neighborhoods and in our schools, one STEM course at a time!

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