Making Health Happen in City Heights

Steve Eldred
Program Manager, City Heights
Oct 29, 2012

Last Wednesday was an exciting day in the City Heights community of San Diego and not just because it was another beautiful day in Southern California. It was an exciting day because we celebrated the grand opening of the Monroe Clark Health & Wellness Center, the fourth school-based health center in City Heights. The center will serve more than 2,400 children by providing care to students enrolled at Monroe Clark Middle School and three nearby elementary schools. Siblings of students enrolled at these schools are eligible for care as well.

The center will offer no-cost and low-cost medical services to students and will include a full range of primary care and preventive health services, such as immunizations, physical exams, treatment of injuries or illness, and management of chronic diseases like asthma. The clinic will also provide counseling services, offer student and parent health education, and coordinate with mobile dental and vision services. 

At The Endowment, we’re especially enthusiastic when services like these are made more available because it helps prevent disease in the first place—and that’s a huge part of what we’re all about. Health isn’t just about treating illness, it’s about keeping people well. And schools have a critical role to play in keeping our young people healthy—that’s why we say “health happens in schools” and “health happens with prevention.” When we can take preventive care out of a far away clinic and put it in a school, a place where children and their families are every day, we know we have a real opportunity to impact our students.

The center was developed as part of The Endowment’s Building Healthy Communities Initiative in collaboration with the San Diego Unified School District, Price Charities, and the community providers at the La Maestra Family Health Centers and the San Diego Family Care Mid-City Community Clinic. 

The clinic’s grand opening also gave us the opportunity to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the City Heights Partnership for Children, an amazing working group of more than 35 residents, parents, youth, government, nonprofits, businesses and philanthropies, including The Endowment, working together to strategically align resources in support of child education, health, and social development. As this partnership continues to grow, I know we will continue to have more than just sunny days to celebrate in San Diego.


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