Why I'm #thankful4obamacare

Maricela Rodriguez colornew1
Program Manager, Prevention
Nov 20, 2012

Decades from now, I think students are going to look in their history books and read about a time when people couldn't get access to affordable, quality health care. They will be shocked to learn that for millions of Americans, the emergency room was their only option. And a time when having a pre-existing condition meant being denied coverage will seem unimaginable.

Luckily for those students, that time will exist only in their history books.  Thanks to Obamacare, we are moving forward with new benefits for individuals, families and business who today are struggling to access care or manage costs. Because of Obamacare 's Pre-Existing Insurance Plan (PCIP) Americans have had guaranteed access to health coverage through a federally funded high-risk pool program since 2010.  December 31, 2013--a little more than a year from now--will mark another proud moment in history.  That's when insurers will no longer be allowed to reject persons with pre-existing conditions, or charge them higher rates than those without such conditions. And these are only a few examples!

That's why this Thanksgiving, we have even more to be thankful for.  Just ask Spike Dolomite Ward, a self-employed mother of two who was diagnosed with breast cancer and received life-saving treatment through the PCIP program.  You can listen to her story by clicking the video below.

Share with us on Twitter why you're #thankful4obamacare.  And have a happy Thanksgiving!


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