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The California Endowment CongratulatesFirst Lady Michelle Obama and Walmart on Industry LeadingHealthy Food Initiative

"Today's announcement is an important development in addressing community health, The California Endowment applauds Walmart for understanding that every sector of society has a role to play in addressing the obesity epidemic and for setting a new tone for the entire food retailer industry,” said The California Endowment CEO, Dr. Robert K. Ross, “I congratulate them on this most welcome news." 

"This initiative represents a major step forward in improving the health of Americans, particularly low income families that continue to face the greatest challenges when it comes to accessing healthy, affordable food," said Marion Standish, Director of The California Endowment's Community Health Program.  "I challenge others in the food retail industry to take notice and follow Walmart's lead.  By working together, we can motivate the food industry to improve the nutritional value of their offerings, reduce the price, and increase the awareness of healthy food choices to reduce chronic disease."
Today's announcement supports key work of The California Endowment:
• The California Endowment is working with 14 communities across the state of California to improve their health; most of these communities are located in food deserts and face very real challenges in bringing healthy foods to their family table.
• The California Endowment has invested millions of dollars in reducing the high rate of obesity and diabetes in low-income and minority communities by increasing opportunities for healthy eating and physical activity for children and families.
• The California Endowment supports policy and advocacy organizations to initiate and implement efforts to inform key policymakers and community leaders about the childhood obesity crisis and the factors that contribute to its escalation.
Read The New York Times article about First Lady Michelle Obama and Walmart's annnouncement of a five-year plan to make thousands of Walmart's packaged foods lower in unhealthy salts, fats and sugars, and to drop prices on fruits and vegetables.