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Statement: Dr. Anthony Iton, M.D. on the Passage of Berkeley’s Measure D

Senior Vice President Dr.  Anthony Iton, M.D. of The California Endowment released the following statement on the passage of Berkeley’s soda tax, or Measure D:
“Berkeley’s health is not for sale,” said Dr. Anthony Iton, MD, and Senior Vice President at the California Endowment.  “Big Soda’s big bucks could not buy people’s votes.  The industry spent record- breaking amounts, but Big Soda could not thwart residents’ efforts to stand up for their children’s health. The people saw through it, making Berkeley the first city  to prevail in the fight against Big Soda. Let’s hope they won’t be the last. Berkeley residents’ efforts remind me of the early pushback against Big Tobacco, which started in California and then spread to the rest of the nation.”